Presbyterian Community Preschool offers an experience-based curriculum emphasizing a developmental approach to learning with the child as the central participant.  The content areas stressed are: language development, motor development, music, dramatic play, science, mathematics, art and social development. Curriculum is delivered through group and individual activities.

Group times include some of the following: stories, conversation, pre-reading activities, journaling, math activities, songs, rhythm instruments, finger-plays, rhymes, dramatic story interpretations, puppet plays, learning games, science experiments, and learning new procedures such as art activities and cooking projects.

Self-directed activities provide opportunities to create with blocks and cars; pretend in the family living area; participate in art and craft activities; manipulate play-doh, sand, and water; look at books; listen to records or tape recordings; and work with a wide variety of puzzles, beads and other math manipulatives.

There are opportunities every day for the development of large muscle coordination.  When the weather is favorable, the outside playground equipment and riding toys are used.  On rainy, snowy, muddy or excessively cold days there are a variety of inside play equipment for use in the gymnasium.

Learning comes through participation in activities children enjoy.  Some of the instructional concepts worked on during the year include shape and color recognition, number recognition, counting sequence, letter and name recognition, left to right orientation, simple science, nature study, health, math and social studies concepts.

There are experiences and activities each day which encourage a child’s development of a good self-concept as he/she becomes increasingly independent and self-confident.  Each day provides many opportunities for social and emotional growth as children interact with peers and adults in a new environment.